the triple aspect of venus

ARCHIVAL DISCLAIMER: As is common with the other artifacts from the dig AG-105, we believe this “module” also comes from “selestium modular”, the producer of a set of sound production modules from the early 21st century. For how to link the modules together, please refer to the appropriate chapters of the selestium or the √¶ther-net. Our re-creation of it for this edition has tried to follow as closely as possible the design of the module found in the dig, but built using contemporary processes. As a result, there may be some minor deviations from the versions that are seen in the archives.


This “module” consists only of a panel with no associated electronic circuitry, not even of the un-powered sort. For a long time we have been flummoxed as to what the purpose of such a module could have been. We have not been able to make conclusive determinations, but we have come up with the following possibilities:

  • Such a panel, given the designs on the front of it, could have been used to incorporate protective or affirmative “sigils” into the sonic system;
  • Such a panel could have been included as part of a ritual space in someone’s abode;
  • Such a panel could have been displayed as a form of artwork elsewhere in the abode.

The imagery on the front of this panel bears a nearly identical resemblance to the selestium modular logo that we see all over the artifacts in dig AG-105. Thus we think this panel was a representation of the same iconography related to Venus: Venus as an evening star, Venus as a morning star, and Venus in the transplace. For more information about these aspects, please read the story about the history of dig AG-105 in the selestium, also available here:


These are the measurements we have for the SELSTIUM MODULAR blank panel, in the units of the time:

  • Width: 18HP (91,1mm)
  • Power: unpowered


You can purchase SELESTIUM MODULAR blank panel from the selestium vending website.

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