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information about the practice and the store

selestium modular is the modular synthesis production arm of the tranxxeno lab, the nomadic artistic research laboratory founded by the artist, writer, and xenologist Adriana Knouf. selestium modular was started to investigate the sonic artifacts found in dig AG-105 and re-create them using contemporary techniques.

All modules produced by selestium modular can thus be seen as extensions of the artistic research and practice of the tranxxeno lab.

All modules can be purchased from the selestium vending website.

The modules are handmade in Bijlmer, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Mailing list

You can sign-up for a low-volume mailing list for news, new and updated modules, and other information about selestium modular by following this link.


You can join the selestium discord that has specific channels for selestium modular discussions and updates. Please note that as Adriana runs selestium modular as a side job alongside other work, she may not always be available.


If you would like to contact us directly please e-mail modular@selestium.net.

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